What is Zoom for Telehealth?

GenesisCare has introduced Zoom for use in Telehealth consultations to provide an ongoing service and consultations in a safe environment for all patients and referrers. We have created a Zoom custom configuration to assist in managing your patient consultations by providing a virtual waiting room for patients. Zoom is the same application used for virtual meetings across the business, with a custom configuration applied to your account to assist in managing your patient consultations by providing a virtual waiting room for patients.

What are the benefits of Zoom for Telehealth?

Along with recent COVID-19 challenges, the benefits of Telehealth include:

  1. Improved access for patients to their specialist/doctor

  2. Reduced in clinic time, travel time and cost for patients and their carers

  3. Reduced absence from work and waiting time for patients

Zoom is widely used, distributed and known within GenesisCare. A single platform for meetings and consults will reduce the confusion of multiple platforms.

How private will it be?

To keep you and your patients safe we’ve implemented a password policy for all our telehealth consultations, our Zoom-to Zoom calls are also encrypted.

Please ensure you are following usual patient identification practice to verify you are meeting with the correct person.

You and your patient will be at each end of the screen during the Telehealth consultation. As with a face-to-face appointment, the patient’s spouse, partner, family or friend may accompany them. Each Telehealth appointment will be private and confidential. The image and sound are transferred in an encrypted form so that the consultation is completely confidential. It will be at each doctor’s discretion as to whether they will allow their patients to record these sessions. If not, a doctor should elect to restrict recording in zoom settings.

Please ensure all patients using the GenesisCare Telehealth service are aware that their login name/telephone number (if used) and IP address is logged on GenesisCare’s administrative portal, but there are no recordings or transcripts of any discussions.  GenesisCare’s privacy policy can be reviewed here.

What equipment will I need for zoom for Telehealth?

A computer with webcam (e.g. a laptop) is preferred, with audio and internet access

  • Whilst zoom supports mobile devices it is not recommended for use by doctors for Telehealth to support a positive patient experience

What equipment will my patient need for zoom for Telehealth?

A patient can connect to zoom on a laptop or computer, with audio and video enabled. A tablet or device is recommended and internet connection such as:

  • Wifi connected to an NBN, ADSL, or Cable service; or
  • 4G or 5G mobile service with four bars
  • An e-mail address for the Zoom link to be sent to
  • Ensure they also provide a telephone number should there be any difficulties

What are the fees and charges for patients?

A patient will not incur any license fees from using the Zoom cloud meetings application, it’s free to download. Excess bandwidth charges may occur should a patient exceed their limits as a result. GenesisCare cannot be held liable for these charges.

Get started

If you would like to start using Telehealth with GenesisCare, please contact your local centre team.

Thank you