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Telehealth at GenesisCare

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of videoconferencing (live video on computer) for appointments with your doctor when they are at a different location to you. You may have seen videoconferencing used on television when the host of a show is interviewing a guest overseas.

GenesisCare has adopted Telehealth measures to provide a means to which we can support ongoing provision of services and consultations for all patients and referrers. Our commitment to this will evolve as we further develop the secure access and technology, and our focus continues to be ensuring the best possible outcomes for all our patients.

Why have I been asked to use Telehealth?

Your doctor has indicated that your consultation may be a candidate for Telehealth. This means that you can meet with your doctor using video conferencing technology, as your doctor will be at a different location to you.

Along with recent COVID-19 challenges, the benefits of Telehealth include:

What will happen and how private will it be?

You and your doctor will be at each end of the screen during the Telehealth consultation. Before the consultation begins, the doctor will ask you identification questions such as your name, address and date of birth to make sure the right patient, right doctor, and health records are present. The doctor will speak with you and ask you questions the same way as they would at a face-to-face consultation. As with a face-to-face appointment, your spouse, partner, family or friend may accompany you if you wish.

Your Telehealth appointment will be private and confidential. The image and sound are transferred in an encrypted form so that your appointment is completely confidential, for extra security measures we also implement a password policy, your doctor will communicate the password to you before the consultation.

What equipment do I need to use Telehealth?

You can connect on a laptop or computer, with audio and video enabled. A tablet device is recommended.

The mobile devices below can easily be used:

Internet connection requirements:

How do I get started?

Install the application

Note: You only need to complete this step once per device that you wish to use.

  1. Visit
  2. Select ‘Download Client’. If prompted, allow your device to open the App (in the App Store).
  3. Install or Download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app as prompted.

Allow for 15 minutes for preparation time and connecting. Also make a list of questions related to your care.

Before you start:

  • Try to find a quiet, well-lit area before you start. Background noise will affect your doctor’s ability to hear you clearly
  • Choose a private space
  • Try to ensure that you have good coverage where you are. This means choosing a location with several bars of 4G coverage, or a location near your Wifi Router at home
  • Switch your mobile to silent mode
  • Speak clearly so your voice can be picked up by the microphone
  • Look at the camera so you can achieve good eye contact with the specialist

Note: You can use the same link each time you join a consultation with your doctor.

  1. Ensure the device has working webcam and speakers, and these are on. Headphones can be used as an alternative to speakers. Ensure the volume is at an appropriate level
  2. Enter the link in a web browser window as provided in the text message sent to you
  3. The system should automatically download the software if it’s the first time. If it does not occur automatically, a link should be available to follow. Depending on your device, install procedure may vary
  4. You may be requested by the app to make changes to your device. Please click yes
  5. Once installed, you may need to open the application, or it may occur automatically
  6. You will then be prompted to enter your name. This will be how the doctor views you, please enter your full first and last name
  7. You may then be prompted to enter the six digit password that has been provided along with the meeting link
  8. You will then be placed in a virtual waiting room. You will not hear or see anyone at this point. When the doctor is ready, they will connect with your session and the appointment will begin

Note: You can use the same link each time you join a consultation with your doctor.

  1. Click the link in the text message sent to you. When prompted, allow the other App (ZOOM Meetings) to download and open from the app store (apple) or play store (android)
  2. You will then be prompted to enter your name, it may already contain the name of your iPhone, if not, please enter/update to your full first and last name. Press Continue
  3. You will then be requested to provide access to your camera and microphone or ‘Call via device audio’. Press OK
  4. Zoom will request to send push notifications. This is a user decision and has no impact
  5. When prompted, enter the six-digit password that you have been provided
  6. When prompted, select Join with Video
  7. When prompted, select ‘OK’ to allowing Zoom to use the microphone
  8. If prompted (iPhone), select ‘Call using Internet Audio’ to use the microphone and speakers on your device
  9. You will then be placed in a virtual waiting room. You will not hear or see anyone at this point. When the doctor is ready, they will connect with your session and the appointment will begin

Note: you do not have to hold the phone or tablet to your face. Placing it on a table so that the doctor can see you through the camera will provide the best possible experience.

  1. Once your consultation is complete touch the screen once, a control bar will display at the top, if on a mobile device
  2. Then/else press ‘Leave Meeting

Administrative staff may be in contact with you via phone after the consult to ensure any follow items are addressed. This may include collecting information or organising next steps if necessary.

It might be necessary to arrange logistics of collecting pharmaceutical prescriptions or requests, where possible we will try to encourage electronic transmission of these to established providers.

Of course! If you are not comfortable talking to your doctor by Telehealth, please feel free to discuss this with us. We can advise you of the availability of face-to-face appointments and options. We understand that all our patients have difference experiences and expectations and we hope to meet your requirements.

If you are unable to attend, please phone your GenesisCare centre as soon as possible.

Our goal is always to provide you with the best possible care. We will do our best to ensure that the care we provide is of the highest possible standard.

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